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Services: Pergola Construction

As summer approaches most people begin to think about spending more time outdoors and improving outdoor living space. Pergolas are either made from a weather-resistant wood, such as red cedar. Generally they are stained for a natural look or painted white.

An outdoor pergola is usually noted by its beautiful columns. We offer an array of options for your columns from basic Treated wood to Cantera Columns to create the outdoor look your heart desires. All of our pergolas are custom built on site using the finest construction techniques to ensure they will withstand hurricane force winds and stand up to the harsh elements of nature. We will retain a building permit and comply will all home owners association restrictions and building codes.

A pergola can bridge the gap between a home and another structure or emulate a courtyard. It can be incorporated into a patio, attached to another structure or free standing in any other area that would be a nice sitting area.

Either way Nassau Bay Roofing & Construction LLC will help you create your outdoor living dream today.....



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