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Services: Residential Roofing

At Nassau Bay Roofing & Construction LLC, our mission is to provide the absolute best quality and service for your roofing and re-roofing needs. We go the extra mile on your project to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We are craftsman and take pride in every roof we install.

What to expect when you re-roof your residential home

Nassau Bay Roofing & Construction LLC will set an appointment time that's convenient for you to meet and discuss your re-roofing needs. During your meeting with our project estimator please be sure and inform our project estimator of any of the following:
  • Leaking Roof
  • Wood Rot
  • Areas of Concern - Did a limb fall on the roof

Once you have approved our estimate to re-roof your home several steps will take place including:


Nassau Bay Roofing & Construction LLC will pull a permit from the city. We pull permits on every job we do. Never let a roofing contractor talk you into pulling the permit yourself. By pulling the permit we ensure that your new roof will be inspected and meet all local and state codes.

Scheduling your Re-Roof

Your project manager will work with you to schedule your re-roofing start date. As part of the preparation for the re-roof one of our project leads will walk the area surrounding your home and remove or cover up any items that might be damaged like BBQ grills, lawn furniture, AC units, etc.

Roof Tear Off

Nassau Bay Roofing & Construction LLC always removes the existing roof. This ensures that the manufacturers warranty will not be voided. Be wary of any roofing contractor that will not remove the existing roof. You don't want to take the chance on the warranty being voided by not taking the time to remove the existing roof.

Removing the existing roof also decreases the weight on your roof as well as decreasing the heat buildup during our summers thus saving your money.

We will typically dump the existing roofing material off over the garage area to a waiting truck. Please assist us by moving cars out of this area on the day we schedule your tear off.

Underlayment Installation

One Of the most important areas of your re-roofing project is the application and installation of the roofing underlayment. The underlayment serves as the moisture barrier on your roof. It is critical that the installation of the underlayment be done to the highest standards.

Shingle Installation

We install shingles to meet or exceed the manufacturers recommended number of nails and pattern.

Re-Roofing Clean Up

After we complete your re-roofing our team will clean the perimeter of your house and gutters. We use a strong magnet to find any loose nails that may have fallen off the edge of the roof during the re-roof.



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